World of Warcraft

Here we go, the game you now hate while playing, but love while not. The main source of nostalgia for millions of people, and one of the reasons I skipped writing a couple of posts here, because I was busy levelling and gearing my new Death Knight.

Typewriter Businesses

I have a soft spot for people who try to preserve forgotten technology and old ways of doing things, so this post is about typewriter businesses, and I’m not talking about antic stores, I’m talking about legit typewriter selling and repairing places with 5 star reviews.

Every Frame a Painting

Most of the times on YouTube you spot pretty quick if the content is thoroughly researched and tailored to the last detail. That was definitely the case when I stumbled on Every Frame a Painting a few years ago.

The Underground Hip Hop Mixes

This week I want to drop a huge thanks to the people who create the underground Hip-hop mixes on YouTube. Hip-hop is probably one of the few music genres where you can pinpoint with a high precision where and when it started.

Zach & the off Camera show

I have seen a couple of videos from the off camera show a while ago while searching around YouTube (that black & white is something you never forget), but never actually decided to check other interviews from it.

Internet Historian: Engoodening of No Mans Sky

I haven’t played No Man’s Sky yet, mainly because I don’t have where, but if you are following game news at least at the basic level - you probably have heard of the hype around the release of No Man’s Sky, the harsh criticism that it didn’t live up to its promised gameplay, and then its near heroic return, with a couple of really successful patches.


This week’s issue is about the thing that made the most impact on my productivity in the last year. Few months ago I had one of these days where I was in a mood to give chances to todo apps I haven’t tried yet (the list was shrinking).


Here we go, issue 1. I will probably sound like one of these cheesy TV shop commercials that want you to call in the next 5 minutes for a great deal, but hear me out. Chance is you’ve already seen this tool in the newsletters you follow.